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Our Policies

Quality Control

Our products are manufactured under continuous supervision from our Quality Control Department in order to ensure that the highest standard of dimensional accuracy and quality are maintained while still complying entirely with contract specifications. The testing process begins with a series of tests on the raw materials and ends with tests performed on our finished products. Further to the testing, fully comprehensive reports are maintained in accordance with our Quality & Control procedures to ensure the tracking of each element throughout each stage.

Health & Safety

Caribbean Homes Limited is committed to the development and continuous improvement of systems and programs to ensure the Health and Safety of our staff and of the public, therefore striving for the highest standards of Health and Safety within our organization. In keeping with the Company’s objective, Caribbean Homes has engaged the services of the newly formed H&S Committee in an attempt to raise awareness of the safety culture within our establishment and create a sense of responsibility among the staff.

Environmental Standards

June 2008 saw the establishment of "The Going Green Committee" whose mandate is to enforce and uphold the environmental standards, acknowledge and promote the environmentally friendly nature of our products, while encouraging all members of staff to engage in practices that will result in immeasurable benefits environmentally. Caribbean Homes Limited has shown itself yet again to be revolutionary, by participating in "The Going Green Committee" to address the concern that the construction industry has a lack of response towards global warming and the environment. Caribbean Homes fully endorses the use of environmentally friendly and energy efficient methods and products.

Policy on Quality

The following principles serve as guidelines and shall be observed by all Caribbean Homes  employees:

  • Quality is the basis of Caribbean Homes’ success
  • Quality is everyone’s responsibility
  • Quality is the property of a product or service, which meets or exceeds customer expectations, complies with environmental health & safety requirements and meets industry standards
  •  Caribbean Homes serves its customers and strives to meet their quality requirements
  • Quality must be defined, planned and produced
  • Quality includes providing services, meeting deadlines and processing inquires proficiently
  • Avoiding defects (Preventative Action) has priority over eliminating defects (Corrective Action) and is the result of continual improvement of the Quality Management System
  • These Caribbean Homes principles on quality also apply to Caribbean Homes suppliers.

Management Committee:

  • M. Maloney (Managing Director)
  • A. Clarke (Office Manager)
  • A. Whitehead (Production Manager)
  • J. Bjerkhamn (Projects Co-ordinator)

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