A Dream Within Reach

DuraTile Inc

DuraTile Inc. was conceptualized in March of 2010 in Barbados. This was followed by months of market research, improving technologies and  building product awareness. It was officially introduced into the Caribbean market as a more modern roofing alternative.

A plastics recycling operation, the company processes PET (polyethylene terephthalate) wastes into attractive, high quality roofing shingles by means of environmentally safe technologies. Virtually maintenance free, the synthetic shingles have an authentic slate look and come in standard colours of green, grey, terracotta, coral, mahogany, natural clay and orange.

Ideal for the Caribbean, DuraTile is highly hurricane resistant and weathers the sun and sea sprays well. Its molecular composition results in DuraTile, being a poor heat conductor, thereby promoting cool interiors, all while being aesthetically pleasing to any architectural design. Confident in our product’s attractiveness and sustainability, DuraTile is ready for the market.

Please visit DuraTile online at www.duratileinc.com


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